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Red Square London NOVOSTI May 2017

Red Square London NOVOSTI May 2017



Red Square London NOVOSTI May 2017


Since our last issue of Novosti in January Red Square London (RSL) has continued to be very busy as business has increased. Last year’s move to concentrate our resources in Central London has certainly paid off, making us more quickly and easily available to our clients. All our lawyers and consultants work at the same location and our clients can discuss all their matters with our immigration and property lawyers, as well as with an accountant, a business consultant and a notary during one visit.
Our business is developing rapidly. In April our managing director Tatiana Sharposhnikova visited Moscow to discuss future business with our partners there. She has returned with some exciting plans for strategic partnerships that will expand our business in the Russian Federation.

We cannot avoid mentioning a very well know event that has had an effect on our business – Brexit. We receive many questions from our clients especially those, who are non-UK residents. Besides, Brexit is the main focus of the media at the moment. Here are a few words on the topic from our business consultant Laurie Evanson-Goddard: “It is unfortunate that, with nothing of real substance to report, the media add to the sense of uncertainty by conjecture and exaggeration. The general election will undoubtedly boost confidence, with Teresa May’s party returned with a large majority. She will therefore be in a much stronger position in the negotiations because the position of those seeking to frustrate Brexit will be seriously weakened. The logical conclusion is that the UK will emerge from Brexit with a mutually beneficial deal with the EU and the freedom to trade with the world – the basis for a booming economy.”

The effect of the current uncertainty surrounding Brexit has begun to have an effect on the property market. Sales have slowed slightly causing a trend of reducing prices. Coupled with the lower value of the pound sterling perhaps now is the time to invest in London property 
and/or move to the UK, before the post-Brexit boom. We would like to remind you that Red Square London has a legal licence granted by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The SRA also granted Red Square London a quality mark-accreditation under the Conveyancing Quality Scheme as property solicitors-specialists which is not easily achievable. The accreditation means that conveyancing process conducted by Red Square London’s lawyers is of the highest standard at all stages of the process. 
On the personnel front, we have added two more members to our team. Inessa Pobyeda is our new immigration paralegal who is working under the supervision of our immigration lawyer Oliver Westmoreland (his newspaper articles are available for reading on RSL’s website). Aleysia Sasim joins us as our Adiministrator/Receptionist. Our regular clients will become familiar with her as the voice of RSL when they phone us.

We live in interesting times that show the signs of becoming more interesting yet!


Oliver Westmoreland, Immigration Solicitor at Red Square London
A reassuring message of hope appears here and there, at strategic places, on the Home Office website: There will be no change to the rights and status of EU nationals living in the UK while the UK remains in the EU. Elsewhere on the website the explanation is slightly expanded: The UK remains a full member of the EU until we exit the EU. All the rights and obligations of EU membership remain in place until then… Read more


Our Real Estate Solicitor, Uba Ngenegbo, explains the consequences

Needless to say, you, as a buyer of a leasehold property, would expect your solicitors to undertake careful due diligence before contracts are exchanged. Such due diligence should draw to the surface all matters of risk that need to be addressed before the ownership passes to you. Recent case law highlighted how indeed important such due diligence is. 

A buyer has bought a leasehold property. It was not until after completion, that it transpired that there were service charge arrears from a previous tenant (not the buyer’s vendor but the vendor’s predecessor). The buyer’s solicitors made all necessary enquiries and searches. Nonetheless, the arrears were missed. The question was: can the landlord claim the arrears from the current tenant, the buyer?.. Read more


Laurie Evanson-Goddard, Finance Director and Business Consultant at Red Square London
Our Family Office receives various interesting and unusual enquiries on an almost daily basis. Recently, we were asked our advice in relation to setting up a Money Exchange Bureau in the UK. Having done the necessary research we provided the advice in the form of a Consultation meeting with the client backed up by written notes. We found the matter very interesting and thought it might be useful to share the main points with a wider audience. Perhaps the key point is that during our investigation we discovered that the requirements in relation to money exchange businesses in the UK differ considerably from those of other countries… Read more



In Spring 2017, we published the following articles in the Russian newspaper Angliya, magazine Rutage and The Business Courier: 
• Reducing net immigration to the “tens of thousands” – published on 9 May 2017
• Asylum-seekers – published on 4 May 2017
• Being British – published on 27 April 2017
• Bought a leasehold property and realised there are service charge arrears? Can the landlord claim from you the arrears owed by the previous owner? published on 20 April 2017
• Overstaying and overstayers – published on 13 April 2017
• Right of appeal to the immigration tribunal – can they just take it away? published on 6 April 2017
• Immigration and the fickle media – finding yourself on the wrong side of the rules – published on 30 March 2017
• Refugees – end to automatic settlement after five years – published on 23 March 2017
• Shortage of immigration judges – immigration appeals slowed down – published on 16 March 2017
*You can read the above articles and many more in the Russian and the English languages in the “Media room” section of our website.